· Ignore them

Ignoring is the best way to deal with hatred. When you are doing something different from what the society expects from you. There is going to be hatred towards you. If you are successful, you are going to be hated by people. Hatred and trolls have become part of many people’s life. The easiest way you could deal with them is to ignore trolls. Know that you are being trolled not because you aren’t good enough but because the haters are jobless and they have nothing to do.

· Be confident about self

Don’t let hate and trolls affect your confidence. Despite all the hate you get standstill, stand confident. Most of the trolls are just to put you down. But when you are confident about yourself they finally have to give up trolling you. Let them know that their opinion about you doesn’t matter for you.

· Speak up to them

If you are being hated by someone you know or someone once close to you, talk to them. Ask them what action of yours hurt them. Sometimes there is misunderstanding and sometimes you have been unknowingly hurting someone. Talking to them will help you realise your mistake and apologise if necessary thus improving the relations.

· Don’t respond to trolls on social media

It is absolutely unnecessary to respond to trolls unless you have a powerful come back. Responding to trolls will affect your mental health because people really talk shit about others. And reading to this shit can be very traumatic so avoid checking the trolls and responding them.

· Tell someone if you feel threatened

Sometimes there are rape threats or life threats given by people who hate you. Not everyone means it but if someone really means it and you find a real threat to your life, inform your close one’s and if necessary inform the police.
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