Leadership is not about success, position or authority but it is all about one person influencing another to achieve something. The person who is able to influence is the most powerful. To be an effective influencer you need more qualities than just being a leader. Not all leaders are good influencers. A good leader with convincing, negotiating and inspiring skills can influence many people.

· Earn trust

To influence your teammates you must first earn their trust. You can do so by first showing your trust in them. Trust is the heart of any relationship. To grow together you just first trust each other.

· Connect with people

Connect with your people emotionally, try to learn and understand their feelings and relate to their stories. Connecting with them builds trust among you and help build a strong connection that will strengthen your influence.

· Empower your team

Believe in your team members. And clearly state that ‘I believe in you’. This empowers the members and lifts them up. Your belief can help them achieve the unthinkable and they will evolve to be a different person because of you.

· Be honest

When you are in power, use your power rightfully. Be honest with your work and this will influence your team, to be honest with theirs. People often get influenced by a person with integrity and good character. Being dishonest shows your character and people might question your integrity.

· Help them succeed

A good leader will always take his team towards success. Provide your team with good opportunities. When you serve them the path towards success, they will surely admire you. True leaders bring out the best in the people around them.