· Understand the importance of self-love

Healthy self-love is very important for you to know your value. You must not be self-obsessed but you must learn to love yourself, love and accept your body. Pass positive comments for yourself like you are so beautiful. You must take care of your needs and do what you love. Treat yourself with care, generosity and compassion as you would treat someone you love.

· You and your feelings matter

Know that you matter, your feelings matter. One person might ditch you and disrespect your feelings but there are many people in the world who would accept you with open arms, who would understand your feelings. You must learn to let go of someone who doesn’t value you and accept those who want you. Surround yourself with positive people rather than negative ones.

· Don’t let someone else decide you worth

Don’t ever let someone else decide your worth. No one knows your worth better than you yourself and people who love you like your parents. Don’t try to analyse your worth on people’s conditions. You live your life as you want to and don’t listen to someone who doubts their own worth instead ask for guidance from people who know their worth, who living their life the way they wanted to. Let go off people who belittled you, who made you think that you are good for nothing.

· Be affirmative about yourself

Talk positively with yourself, tell yourself your worth. Having some self-talk can help you change your negative thoughts into a positive one. Keep boosting your spirit every day. Tell yourself that you are loved, cared and valued.

· Forgive yourself

If you doubt your self worth because of your failure and for something so simple you couldn’t do. Blaming yourself for the mistakes you did will affect your confidence and self-esteem. Stop blaming and forgive yourself, you need to move on and work harder to achieve something you couldn’t achieve earlier.

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