· Be ambitious

Dream for yourself and chase it. Be ambitious towards your dreams and work hard to achieve it. In your 20s, people support you and encourage you to follow your passion. Also, you can take risks in your 20s and can afford to fail rather than after you are married and have kids.

· Learn to be independent

Start earning for yourself and be independent. Even if you stay with your parents, try to make your own money to take care of your expenses. Learning to be independent is very important so that you don’t need anybody’s help to survive. In your 20s you should learn many crucial things about living, so make sure you begin towards becoming independent.

· Stay connected with your family and friends

In the 20s there’s a chance of you move out for studies, job or any other reasons. It’s important to stay connected with your friends and family, because your family is your biggest support.

· Travel a lot

Explore new places, meet new people, learn new things. Exploring new places improves your intelligence and expand your knowledge about different culture and people.

· Eat healthily and exercise

Eat healthy food and exercise in your 20s so that you live a long and healthy life and avoid illness.

· Learn new things every day

In your 20s your brain is sharper and adapts new things quickly. So make sure to learn new things every day. It helps you improve your skills. Learn a new instrument or a new language.

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