· Queen Elizabeth ll

Queen Elizabeth Il is 94 years old and is the queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. She was passed on the throne from her father when she was just 25 years old. Since then till today she is the queen. She is the longest lived British monarch and has been sitting on the throne for 68 years. She definitely has made a difference in the world.

· Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai aged 22 is a brave Pakistani activist for female education and also the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. At the very young age of 11, she wrote a diary of about life under the rule of an extreme group called the Taliban. She wrote about how girls should be educated and be able to go to schools. Which was not liked by the group and they shot her in the head but she survived. People supported her for the struggle she went through and the cause of the struggle. At the age,of 14 she became the youngest person to receive the Noble peace prize.

· Florence Nightingale

Florence was born in Italy in 1820 in a very wealthy family who were not happy with her decision of being a nurse. She later served as a manager and trainer of nurses at Crimean war.

She took care of the soldiers and is also known as lady with the lamp because she used to walk around with a lamp to check if the soldiers were alright. She has made a huge contribution to nursing and healthcare over the world.

· Marie Curie

Marie curve is a polish scientist and one of the most famous one. She and her husband won a Nobel prize in 1903 for their discoveries but in 1911 she went on to win another Nobel prize and became the first woman to do it.

Marie curie has made a discovery of something called radioactivity. This was used to develop radiotherapy to treat illness like cancer. It was also used to develop X-ray which is very useful in the medical field.

· Mother Teresa

At the age of 12, she decided to go to India to spread Christianity and serve people. She was a Roman Catholic. In 1929 she came to India and dedicated her life to serving the people, especially in Kolkata. In India, she started a community called missionaries of charity, which serve over 90 countries now.

She received a noble peace prize in 1979. She was a simple person with only two sarees and one bucket as her possession. She treated many poor people, helped them with education, etc. She was declared as Saint in September 2016.

· Hillary Clinton

We all have heard the name of Hillary Clinton. In 2016 she became the first women to be chosen to run for the job of president. She was representing the democrats. Though she didn’t win the elections, she inspired lots of women all over the globe.

Later she stated she won’t be going for that job again but will be supporting others who are willing to do it.

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