Happiness is a sense of well being, joy or contentment. Having said that, scale of happiness is different for different people. For some people material things bring happiness and for some they don’t. Happiness is a choice, Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

However there are a few habits that might help you be happy. Following these habits daily will make them your secret recipe of happiness.

· Practice self-discipline

Self-discipline is nothing but self-control. It is very important to practice self discipline to achieve certain things in life such as fit body, career etc. Self-discipline helps you keep determined and determination is a key to success and success brings happiness.

· Forgiving yourself and others

You must realise that ‘to err is human’ meaning its quite natural for a human being to make mistakes and you must therefore learn to forgive and move ahead. Forgiving brings peace of mind and is for our own happiness.

· Laugh a little more

Laugh and laugh until your belly hurts. Bring laughter in your life through stand up comedy or any other comedy show you love. The more you laugh the more happy you are.

· Learning new things

As adults we hardly engage our self in learning something new. The act of learning brings satisfaction and happiness. New things have always made us happy.learning will also keep you engage and away from those sad thoughts.

· Spend time with friends and family

Family and friends never fail to make us smile. Those inside jokes with friends, memories of fun times, and making more memories will definitely make you happy. Studies have proven that spending time with friends and family boosts your happiness.