“It’s my father who taught me to value myself, he told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life”Dawn French

· He treats her mother well

When her father treats her mother well she knows that she deserves the same love and respect from her husband. How her father treats her mother, she expects to be treated the same way and she doesn’t settle for anything less.

· Remind her that she is beautiful no matter what

For every father, his daughter is the princess and he treats her like one. For him, she is the most beautiful girl and that’s how he boosts her confidence. Her father teaches her that no matter what skin colour you are in, you are beautiful.

· He is always by her side

He is alwaysby her side. No matter how many times she falls he is there to pick her up. He supports her and motivates her to do better. She always has him by her side even if the entire world goes against her.

· Teaches her that she deserves a respectful partner

Dad teaches his daughter that she is a princess and she deserves a respectful partner. Who treats her like her father treats her, who loves her more than her dad and most importantly who respects her and her choices and opinions.

· Inspires her and helps her to achieve her goals

Her father inspired her to achieve her goals. We have seen many examples of successful women who had their father supporting them and cheering for them.

A father’s heart always melts for his daughter, he is very much expressive towards her than his son.A father-daughter relationship is the purest form of love and the most powerful relationship.

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