What does live slow mean?

According to Wikipedia- “slow living is a lifestyle emphasizing slower aspect of everyday life”

People who stay in metropolitan cities will never experience what slow living is. In metropolitan cities especially in Mumbai people are always in a hurry and living at a fast pace. It’s not their fault the city is demanding. But in such a situation your life becomes a chaotic mess. Living slow means enjoying every moment of life, it involves not thinking about the future and not striving for money. A slow and simple living brings peace of mind. It is important to experience every moment sad or happy. Slow living means doing one thing at a time and not multitasking.

Kayte Ferris have explained slow living. She says- “slow living is just living slowly in whatever and however that means to you. It is about knowing and passionately loving the things we value, and designing our lives to spend most time possible enjoying them”

How does slow living affect our lives?

Slow living means not wanting to invest time in material things. Slow living is related to simple living. People who want to live a slow life never spend their money on luxuries and hence they save money. Slow living means appreciating your life. It lets you pay attention and enjoy all your experiences. When you live slow you do one work at a time with utmost productivity, you put all your heart in that job, thus you perform better at your job. You also think before you act when you have no hurry to complete things and that’s the reason why you take better decision. Slow living lets you live more and to the fullest.
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