1. “Have the fearless attitude of a hero and the loving heart of a child.”

Be fearless and live a brave life however, always keep a loving heart like that of a child. Being brave and courageous is often misunderstood for being cold-hearted but don’t be like one.

2. “In the morning before dressing, light incense and meditate.”

Every morning before doing any other work, you must first light incense and meditate for a while to lead a peaceful and mindful day. Meditation is a powerful technique to practice mindfulness.

3. “Do not regret the past. Look to the future.”

The past is gone and thinking about it is a waste of time. You must, therefore, forget about the past and stop regretting about things that are gone and start thinking about how to make your future brighter and better.

4. “Watch what you say, and whatever you say, practice it”

Keep a close eye on your words. Listen to what you say and make sure to practice it. Don’t be a person who says something else and does something else. Your words and actions must be in coordination with one another.

5. “Do receive a guest with the same attitude you have when alone. When alone, maintain the same attitude you have in receiving guests.”

Be the same person in front of the guest as you are when you are alone. Don’t change your personality in front of guests. Treat them as you are and as your attitude is towards them. Be yourself no matter what.

6. “Upon retiring, sleep as if you had entered your last sleep. Upon awakening, leave your bed behind instantly as if you had cast away a pair of old shoes.”

After retiring, you must sleep peacefully as if it’s your last sleep and when you wake up, leave your bed and spend your day as if it would be your last day on earth. Enjoy each moment of life and be grateful for the life you are spending.

7. “When an opportunity comes do not let it pass by, yet always think twice before acting.”

Don’t let go off any opportunity, grab every opportunity you get. However, always think twice before grabbing the opportunity. Because sometimes threats come disguised as opportunity.

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