· Awareness

Every human being is different similarly every worker has a different style of working, has a different post in the office, a good leader understands, and is aware of all these factors. They know that though they are a part of the group at times they need to stand ahead to lead the group. Being aware of everything around defines how a leader should be.

· Confidence

Confidence is the key to be able to direct and guide people. Unless you show the confidence in you and the way you speak, your team won’t come to you or seek advice from you. Every great leader has always carried their confidence. Confidence is said to be contagious when the leader is confident the team is going to gain the same confidence.

· Accountability

A great leader is always accountable for his actions. He ready to take any challenge and try hard to win it and won’t give up easily but if he fails, he will take all the responsibility and make sure to fix everything. Not only they take responsibility for their own performance but also their team member’s performance. They keep a close check on their teams and monitor their productivity and guide them to do better.

· Decision making

As a leader, there would be many instances, where you’ve to make decisions. Decision making is not just choosing between right and wrong, there are many aspects to it. Decisiveness in a person helps him become a great leader. There are going to be many tough times, where right and on-time decisions are to be made which is not easy but a leader is a good decision maker and is able to take decisions even is a pressurized environment

· Focus

Great leaders always think of one or two steps ahead, they are extremely focused and have a defined vision. They don’t lose their focus from the vision which makes it definite for them to be successful. With focus and hard work, anything can be achieved and good leaders believe in it.

· Positivity

A good leader is always full of positive energy and they keep on passing these energies to their team. They will always be ready to help and guide their team members. They build their personality such that they can be easily communicated to and all these positivities inspire the team members to be like their leader.

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