· Decide the space

Choose a perfect place for your office, a place where you won’t get bored as well as you won’t get distracted. The place should be well ventilated and should receive sunlight, to make you feel fresh and energetic while working. Deciding the right place is very much important as your working area will have a huge impact on your productivity.

· Determine the needs

According to your job, determine your needs. If your job is related to software and websites, you’ll require a desk, a laptop etc. And if your job is related to some art then you would require a table, art supplies etc. Your needs will be different depending on your job. Before setting up the office, determine your needs so that you can list down your requirements in the office.

· Set a budget

Budget is important. Setting up a budget will help you know the amount you have in hand to spend on your office set up and help you plan your purchases accordingly. So before you start buying anything, set a budget and then buy things as cheap or expensive according to your budget.

· Decorate your office

After buying all the things, start setting up the office. You must make your office an attractive one, so decorate it accordingly. Spend some money on indoor plants as plants and greenery help you feel relaxed and keep you calm during stressful situations. Buy a comfortable chair to sit, so that you can work there for long hours without hurting your back. Set all the necessary item in their respective places, see that everything is accessible from where you sit and doesn’t require many movements of your body.

· Have a storage

The most important thing to have in your home office is storage. Even if you work on a laptop, there are various equipment that needs good storage. Spend some money on good storage or you can also buy a desk with storage in it and if you require more purchase it. As storing your necessary files and supplies in a proper secure place is crucial

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