· Learn something new

Do some brain exercise by learning something new quite often. You can learn a new language, learn new receipts, learn to dance, sing etc. There are so many resources available online to teach you whatever you want to learn.

· Be friends with music

If you want to spend me time, keep music as your companion. Music can soothe your mind and help you relax. With music on you won’t feel alone and can enjoy your me time to the fullest. Turn on the music, make yourself food, take a glass of wine and enjoy your food. You can also listen to music while you organize your room or while bathing.

· Meditation and yoga

Meditation is very beneficial to mental and physical health. Being alone can sometimes affect your mental health. So practicing meditation and yoga can help you calm your mind and keep positive thoughts in your head.

· Practice self-love

Take care of your skin and pamper yourself. Have a spa day, get a new hair cut, follow DIY skincare, etc. While practicing self-love it is very important to first, accept yourself and love the skin you are in. Reflect on your life, be kind to yourself this are all small things that would make you happy.

· Go on a solo trip

Travelling solo will help you learn many new things. There are many people who go on a solo trip. You can go on a hike all by yourself surround yourself by nature. Nature has the quality of making you feel good. Nature teaches you many things, it gives you peace of mind. So make sure to go on a solo trip, it can be to any nearby places.

· Take up a new hobby

Do that thing you always dreamt of doing. Be it photography, paintings, singing, dancing anything you love. Apart from the work, you should always have a hobby to spend some time with yourself. So if you don’t really have a hobby take up something new and learn it.

· Treat yourself

Treat yourself with a small gift or your favourite food from your favourite restaurant for no reason at all. Also, celebrate your wins whether small or big with a treat from you to you.