· Wake up early

It is important to wake up early and finish your daily routine of cleaning yourself, your home, working out etc. Waking up early keeps you energetic throughout the day. Not completing your daily tasks early will bother you all day and demotivate you.

· Plan your day

Plan your entire day in advance. Set schedules and deadline for each job so you’ll be motivated to finish your job before the deadline hits. Planning your day in advance also helps you work smoothly without having to worry about messing up the tasks and not being able to complete them. Divide the difficult job into smaller jobs it will become easier to achieve.

· Enjoy your lunchtime

Don’t work throughout the day. Doesn’t matter if you are alone. You need to take short breaks from time to time to rejuvenate yourself and be more energized for the next job. Enjoy your lunch break eat properly so that you have enough energy for the other half of the day.

· Take time for social activities

Don’t make yourself too busy with the work that you forget about your social life. From time to time keep socialising. Use social media apps, meet up with your friends and family etc. It is necessary to stay motivated in life. Friends and family make us happy and happiness brings motivation.

· Take care of your sanity

When you are working alone, there are chances that you might have negative thoughts that will affect your sanity. Keep those thoughts away. Adopt a hobby outside work to pass your time when you are not working.