“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

You certainly deserve all your love and affection. Loving self is surely an art and not many of us are able to master it. It is easier to love a stranger but when it comes to loving self we aren’t able to do it. Many of us don’t even count ourselves in the list of ‘people you love’. When asked whom do you love the most? Not many of us are going to answer their own name. We often forget that we too deserve our own love and loving self is equally important.

Self-love can’t be practised overnight but comes over a period of time. Slowly when you start changing the habits that would restrict you from loving yourself will help you get there.

How can you begin to love yourself?

· Accept yourself

Self-love begins when you first accept yourself with all your imperfections and the skin you are in. Appreciate the way you are, tell yourself that you are beautiful.

· Realize that nobody is perfect

Nobody is perfect neither are you. Everyone has something good and bad so instead of hating yourself for the bad in you start loving yourself for the good in you.

· You are self-sufficient

You don’t need anyone else to be happy, you are enough to make yourself happy. No one can make you happy unless you want to be happy. So don’t rely on someone else for your happiness.

· Do what you love

Do what you love doing, what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. Try and turn your dreams into reality.

Loving yourself will make you confident and with confidence, it is easy to achieve anything you want. So it is important to keep yourself first before anyone else. Make yourself a priority. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself.