Who doesn’t want a fit and healthy body? Everyone right! But many of us don’t know how to achieve that perfect healthy body. Exercise and healthy food are two important aspect of healthy body. Working out not only help you physically but also mentally. Now that you can’t visit gyms here are some quick home workout tips.

· Always begin with warm up

Warm up is necessary before you start any exercise. 5-10 minutes of warm up keeps you flexible enough to avoid injuries. It also helps to grow your heart rate gradually. Sudden change in heart rate can be fatal.

· While cooking

You can do standing push ups while cooking this will help you get toned arms(10 minutes of pushups burn 50-55 calories). You can also practice-wide leg squats, calf raise, etc.

· While watching television

You can burn enough calories while watching television and doing few of the simple exercises like lunges, squats, jumping jacks (one minute of jumping jack burn 8 calories)

· Dance

Dancing also burns calories and is enjoyable. Turn on your music system, play your favourite song and dance as if no one’s watching.(30 minutes of continuous dancing can burn up to 300 calories). Dance includes with small jumps, squats etc. is the best workout plan.

· While working

You can workout even while you are working on a laptop. Simple exercise such as leg plank, shoulder raises, foot drill etc.

· Relaxation exercise

If you have engaged yourself into an intense workout session it is necessary to end your session with some relaxation exercises that will gradually lower your heart rate. Exercise like stretching, meditating etc.