· Have some quiet time

Having time for yourself is important for your mental health. Spend some quiet time to find peace of mind. Go for a walk in nature or listen to music, you can also spend time reading a book or practicing self-care.

· Make healthy choices

Eating healthy has a huge impact on your mental health. Your emotional and mental health depends a lot on your physical health. So take time to exercise at least 2-3 times a week and include healthy food in your diet. Fruits are said to impact 25% of your brain function, so you just include all kinds of fruits in your diet.

· Avoid overthinking

The main reason for having stress is overthinking. Most of us have the habit of giving meaning to things that are not even true or make a big issue out of petty things. This is because we indulge ourselves in overthinking. Overthinking can be very harmful to mental health and can even cause depression. So you should try and avoid overthinking as much as possible.

· Don’t keep your mind idle

“An idle mind is devil’s workshop”. Keeping your mind busy is quite important to avoid negative thoughts, a mind with no thoughts consumes all types of negativity. So, always keep thinking about your work or something positive. Engage yourself in productive activities, this will keep your thoughts healthy and secure your mental health.

· Talk about it

It’s crucial to talk about your mental health and in general about mental health with your parents and friends. People who are non-judgemental should be chosen to talk about mental health because judgemental people can cause more trouble for your mental health. Discussing mental health makes sure you are aware of yours and surrounding people’s state of mind and can ask or give help if required.

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