In the fast-moving world, attracting stress, anxiety, and fear is easy. It becomes difficult to maintain good gut health and overall body. However, you can try to improve your health by adding these healthy vegetarian dishes to your daily meals, which are rich in nutrients and easy to digest.

Dahi Bhindi: It is simple yet delicious. It is a healthy side dish that is good for gut health. It is made with whisked curd and pan-fried bhindi with some spices.

Karela Khata Meetha: A perfect balance between sweet and savory, Karela khata metha is made with sliced bitter gourd cooked with onions, spices, salt, and sugar.

Lauki Chana Dal: Pulses are good for health. However, if you don’t like them simple, make them yummy by adding channa and bottle gourd. It is good for gut health and has rich fiber content.

Bharwa Baigan: It is a side dish made with brinjal that you would like to have every day. Stuffed with a ground spice mixture made with several spices, it will give you a good taste and health benefits.

Kadhi: It is a protein-rich dish made with gram flour, curd, or buttermilk. The best way to enjoy it is with rice, adding minimal spices.