As we grow, responsibilities, stress, and work increase, and this all leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. We may or may not know the solution to this, but one thing we know is that meditation is key to solving many issues, and the same is true in this case, too. Meditation can help find stability and peace. And here are different ways for effective meditation.

1) To make your meditation effective, the first thing you should do is practice it in a comfortable posture. Sit or lie down with a straight back and relax your shoulders. This way, you will be comfortable with no stress on the body.

2) The next thing is also very important: working on your breathing. Breathe in and out naturally. Don’t be too slow or fast; keep it at a medium pace.

3) Meditation’s main motive is to eliminate negativity and negative thoughts. So minimize distractions and change your thoughts with positive ones to keep yourself optimistic.

4) Don’t rush when you start meditation. Plan a specific time and begin with small sessions twice or thrice daily. This will keep you energetic and positive throughout the day.

5) The next tool is the key thing, and that is consistency. You should be consistent in what you do. Start with less and gradually increase to keep up with the flow.

6) You should be patient enough to practice this for a couple of months or more to be able to see the effects. Don’t rush or stop, but keep patience.