· Pleasing people

No, you can’t please everyone, so stop taking the stress of pleasing people. No one’s happiness is your responsibility, do what you find good for you, do what makes you happy. Stop thinking about other people’s happiness. There’s always going to be someone who will be disappointed by you.

· Ignoring problems

Don’t ignore your problems, solve them immediately. Ignoring problems mean creating more problems for the future. If the tyre of your car is punctured and if you ignore it you might get into an accident which is a much bigger problem than a small puncture. So it’s important to address your problems.

· Procrastinating

Don’t push your plans on tomorrow. Get your tasks done on the same day if you keep on pushing it. You will have more tasks at the end of your time period and at that the moment it will create stress. So do what is to be done today itself.

· Hating your job

Hating your job will do no good to you, instead, affect your productivity and efficiency. It’s very important to love what you do to be satisfied and happy. If you really hate your job then quit it and do what you really love.

· Surrounding with negativity

Don’t surround yourself with negative people or negative news or negative shows. Surround yourself with positive people, people who teach you something important about life. People that help you grow. Stop playing games or watching shows that spread negativity.

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