Do you remember your childhood? No worries, No stress. We were always happy and enjoying our lives. But as we grew up, we forgot how to be happy and satisfied with small things. All the responsibilities and commitments don’t let us enjoy our life the way we want to. But a small part of us wants to be a child again. One way to be happy is by bringing out the child in you. Sometimes loving and pampering yourself like a child is important to be happy. We have listed down a few things you can learn to be happy like kids.

· Play outdoors

Gather your childhood friends or any friends and play games you loved when you were a child. Games you played when you were a child made you happy back then. But you’ll have more fun now. Act childish while you play games it will add more fun. Having a playtime will give you break between your long working hours. And the break will be the most fun break, we assure.

· Express all your feelings

Kids don’t bother expressing what they feel. If they are angry on someone, they express it. If they love someone they say it. Be it any feelings children just don’t lie about their feelings. We should follow this same method in the later years of our life. Expressing what we feel makes our head clear of thoughts. This keeps us happy.

· Enjoy the present

Kids live in the present. They don’t think about past neither are they worried about future. They enjoy now to the fullest. This should be our approach towards life. Worrying about past or future only makes us sad and disturbed.

· Always smile

Smile. Smile is very powerful, kids are always Smiling and laughing. Small things make them laugh. You should make yourself happy with small things. Be satisfied with what you have. Laugh at your own jokes. Laugh even if you find it slightly funny. Laughing makes you happy.

· Do not care about failure

Children don’t care about failure. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Something we learned in our childhood to be applied in our adulthood but we have forgotten to apply it to our lives. Worrying about failure only makes us sad.

So stop worrying, and enjoy like a kid.

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