“If you do not choose to be happy, no one can make you happy. And if you choose to be happy, no one can make you unhappy.”

Happiness comes from within. You can be happy only if you choose to be happy. We always feel that external situations are the reason for us to be happy. But this is not the truth as external factors do make you happy only if you are willing to be happy. Inner happiness within us is the true source of happiness. Whenever you want to be happy search for the happiness within you. Keep your worries and fears aside you’ll surely find happiness.

Why should you start searching happiness within you?

You have total control over your emotions, happiness is one of them. When you understand the fact that you can be happy without any material reason, you learn to be happy by yourself. Searching happiness within you helps you avoid spending time, money and values over some random stuff to be happy. Remember, no person in this world can make you happy but yourself. So spend more time with yourself and explore your inner source of happiness.

Things we feel can make us happy…

We all have decided on things that would make us happy. Many of us have a long wish list. Things like money, job, marriage, children, vacation, gadgets etc. You might have fulfilled some of your wishes, did it make you happy? Yes, it did. But now you are sad because you still have more wishes on your list. We human beings continuously strive for better things. We always want more to be happy and the list never ends. Our happiness must therefore never depend on someone or something else, it should always come from within.