· Believe in yourself

If you believe in yourself and the fact that you can change, then you can make a difference in your life. Controlling your mind is not going to be easy but if you believe you can do it, it will become quite easy for you. The mind is basically thoughts if you learn to change your thoughts to positive one you can learn to control your mind

· Stop overgeneralising

Stop overgeneralising, which means avoid projecting one negative experience over other things and predicting that all things are going to be negative. Stop taking things personally, the most important thing to control your internal thought is to not let affect external facts on your mind. If everything around you starts affecting your mind, it will become difficult for you to control your thoughts.

· Create a plan for yourself

If you want to avoid your surroundings to affect your thinking, you must draw a plan for your self. Decide your goals, decide your values, decide your journey, decide the way you’ll lead your life however, keeping the flexibility to change according to the situation but not letting it affect your thoughts.

· Create obstacles for your mind

Creating obstacles means trying to stop your mind to create negative thoughts. Whenever you feel your mind is going on a negative track put an obstacle of positive thought. It is the best way to control your mind, just make it difficult for your mind to achieve what it wants.

· Reward your successful attempt to self-control

Reward yourself whenever you make a successful attempt at controlling your mind. It may be a small reward but it will keep on motivating you to keep controlling your mind. Gradually, when you learn to control your mind completely, you’ll find it much easier than before and eventually it will be an unconscious activit.

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