Let’s check out about men which women should never date.

1. The self-promoters

There are men who just can’t stop talking about themselves. They keep on bragging about every little thing they own. This category of men is pretty much annoying and women should stay away from them. It’s ok to talk about you and your likes dislikes, even women would love to know more about you, but not allowing your partner to speak can be infuriating. Such men can’t think beyond themselves, they just somehow involve them in every conversation. You would not want to date such men, would you?

2. The boot-licker

Then there’s this category of men, who say yes to anything and everything we can call him the yes-man. Such people have no opinions of their own, they don’t argue on any topic, they don’t disagree with anything. They’ll always praise you, agree with everything you say, etc. In the beginning, you might love it because women are not used to men agreeing with them, but eventually, it might get on your nerves, it then becomes impossible to stay with such a person.

3. The Mamma’s boy

There’s nothing wrong in loving your mother and respecting her directions but a man who listens and follows only what his mother says can be a bit irritating. Such men can’t make their own decisions and they always have to ask their mother. They think their mother can never be wrong. If you ever find such a guy, run away from him.

4. The one who can do anything to get in your pants

These creeps are everywhere, so be cautious. Such people can do anything to get in your pants and once the action is done they might not even know you exist, they will not meet you again or pick up your call. So if a guy is extra flirty, and pointing out every good thing in you, just stay away from this person.

5. The chauvinist

This type of men exists in every society, rich or poor. There are these people who think they know everything and girls are the dumbest animals on earth. They would not let you take any decision for yourself. These dominating freaks will even tell you how to talk and behave with other people. They would not let you drink, smoke or dress according to your choice. They will try to change you. These are the men who blame women’s clothes and attitude for being raped rather than blaming the rapist. So if you come across such men, just turn around and run.

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