Currently we are going through really difficult time but it’s very important to stay happy and positive in this situation . We are in far better situation than many people around the world. Keeping our spirits up will help us tackle this situation in the best possible way.

Some tips to keep you happy and positive during lockdown.

· Make use of the time

Utilize the time in doing things you always wanted to do but couldn’t due to lack of time. Pick up a new hobby or an old one to pass your time. Being creative and learning new skill is best way to be happy.

· Small act of kindness

Kindness shown to others brings happiness to you. Small act of kindness from your side can be of great help for someone in need. There are many people who need help like the migrants, old people, daily wage workers etc. Your small help would bring smile to their faces and happiness to you.

· Stay away from news

Many of us have the habit of watching or reading news 24 hours.

Every time you hear about something tragic it will affect your mental health hence it’s important to cut the strings. One must stay updated but spending most of your time over same news is not necessary.

· Take time to love yourself

Self love is the key to happiness.Learn to love the way you are built.Take care of your body, eat healthy food, drink lots of water, exercise and meditate. Good physical health affects positively on mental health.

· Clean and redecorate your home

Clean and beautiful home brings positivity, reduces stress and increases productivity. If you are working from home you should have a proper working space. Redecorate your favourite corner into a perfect working space. Also keeping your house clean is the need of an hour.