The only true wisdom is knowing we know nothing” – Socrates

What is wisdom?

The quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement. People often confuse wisdom with knowledge , a person with good knowledge may take an unwise decision. Knowledge along with experience and judgement makes a man wise. Wisdom is a true treasure and not everyone has it. Being wise is a blessing .

Why do we need wisdom?

We often are crushed with thousands of questions in our mind. We daily have to deal with problems. And while answering those questions and dealing with those problems, most important weapon we can have is wisdom. No matter who you are , where you are or what you do , you need wisdom to deal with life. Regardless of your age, gender, faith and fear you need wisdom. Even if you are successful in life you need wisdom to enjoy your success. You need wisdom to process your thoughts and make appropriate decisions.

What is real wisdom?

Some of you believe that only sages or some professor or priests have wisdom. This is absolutely not true.According to Webster dictionary any person who have

· Gained knowledge through experiences

· The natural ability to understand things that most other people cannot understand.

· Good sense of judgement.

Is a wise person .

Socrates said it right if you understand that you have very less knowledge, we will try to acquire more and continue to grow. The wisdom he speaks of is knowing that you are not wise is the first step of being wise. The bible say “Don’t be wise in your own eyes”. When a person continues to learn throughout his life it brings wisdom.Acquiring knowledge and learning to use the knowledge is the real wisdom.