· Sailor

Sailors need to spend long months away from home. Ships visit various countries and thus sailors often get the chance to visit many countries and travel over there. You can also choose to have other job opportunities on a cruise like an accountant, chefs etc. They get paid a lot and also get to travel. The only drawback is you have to stay away from home for a long time.

· Auditor

Auditors are people who check a company’s accounts and certify that they are accurate. They have to travel to different states and sometimes countries to check accounts of various branches of the company. Though it is your work tour, there’s a great opportunity to travel and go sightseeing in your free time.

· Destination wedding programmer

The destination wedding has now become a trend. Becoming a wedding planner or taking part in other wedding activities like photography, catering, decoration etc. can provide you with a good chance to travel to different places and if you are a photographer you might get more time to visit new sights.

· Tour manager

Tour is all about travelling, being a tour manager not only gives you a good salary but also gives you the opportunity to travel to new places. Though you might have to travel and visit the same places many times. But if you are a travel enthusiast you won’t have an issue about it.

· Travel photographer/ writer

Travel photographer and writers for magazines or websites are paid for their job as well as to travel and explore places. The main benefit of being a travel explorer is that you get to explore untouched places and true beauty of every city and not just the tourist points.

· Sales representative

Sales representatives get a lot of chances to travel across the cities and countries to represent their company and promote their products. During their free time even they have chances to travel and explore the city and nearby tourist attractions.

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