· Other people’s actions aren’t about us

We are only responsible for our own actions and not for someone else’s actions even if they are related to us. When someone lies to you or cheats on you, it’s not your fault and it’s nothing about you. Instead, it’s about the other person and how he is. Some people are born liars, they lie to everyone and if they happen to lie to you, it doesn’t make you faulty. So stop taking blames for everything that happens around you.

· Happiness lies in being yourself

Never try to change yourself because you will never be happy living someone else life. Our true happiness lies in being ourselves. Trying to be like someone else is nothing but compromising with our choices and liking. So just be yourself and you’ll be happy.

· I am a product of my choices

Our choices are very important in moulding our lives. We live the life we choose, so it’s very important to make the right choices. There’s always a good and a bad choice, you must be able to decide which choice is good for you. Also, not making a choice is a form of choice, ignoring to make a choice of improving is also making the choice of living the same life. We constantly make choices and that reflects in our life.

· Principles and values are the driving factors

Your life is driven by your principles and values. With good principles you can lead your life on the right path and with wrong principles and values, your path can go wrong. So always stick to your values, live your life according to your principles and ethics.

· My opinion can be wrong

Don’t be overconfident about your opinion. There’s always a chance of being wrong. You should not behave as you can never do mistakes and that you are always right. When you admit that you can be wrong you allow yourself to ask questions and learn new things.

· I am a reflection of those closest to me

It is said that you are the reflection of those closest to you. You are an average of 5 people closest to you. So choose those 5 people wisely because they have a huge impact on your life and your behaviour.

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