How to live a life like a Zen monk?

· Do one thing at a time

It is important to do one thing at a time and do it religiously. Multitasking can create confusion and lead you to mess everything. Instead doing one thing at a time and completing it entirely before moving to another task is important. This helps us lead a simple and slow living.

· Smile and serving others

Serving others teaches us to be humble and stay away from selfishness and smiling shows our kindness to others. Our smile can make someone’s day better and our help can rescue them from difficulty. When you help someone with a smile you keep the light of humanity burning.

· Set a daily routine

Fix a daily routine, having a certain pattern and time of doing things it can save enough time and help complete all the tasks on time. Also, don’t overload yourself with duties and tasks. Instead do what is essential and don’t work more than time allowed to work. When you have a routine set you have fewer things to worry about and just have to go with the flow and work according to your routine.

· Focus on essentials

According to zen thinking, you must focus on what is essential. Do the work that is necessary. Don’t waste your energy on doing something unnecessary. Buy what is essential for you don’t spend on luxuries. So basically you just clear all the unnecessary clutter and focus on the essentials.

· Respect and appreciate life

It is really important to respect and appreciate your life. You only live once and if is too short. So enjoy every moment of your life. Don’t waste your life doing unnecessary things. Understand that we are a part of nature and thoroughly connected with it. Find happiness in small natural things and you’ll learn to stay happy and satisfied with what nature has provided us.

· Cleanse your mind

Our mind is affected by the environment we live in, by what we watch and hear. So to cleanse our mind means reducing all the bad things from our environment and planting more positive things. Stay away from negative people, negative videos, or negative stories.