· Reduces stress

In today’s world, most of the population is stressed for some or the other reasons, many among them are clinically depressed. In such a situation, practising mindfulness is very much important. Mindfulness is said to reduce stress and anxiety and also treat depression. Practising yoga and meditation can help to be mindful and calm to deal with many stressors in life. Therefore people are turning towards yoga and meditation all over the world to gain mindfulness.

· Improves emotional intelligence

Mindfulness and meditation help you get in tune with your emotions, which therefore assists you to have control over your emotions. To have a healthy life, emotional intelligence is very much required. People need to know the right use of their feelings, they need to learn how to build a bond with people around. Improved emotional intelligence can help you gain confidence and create self-awareness.

· Helps in decision making

Decision making is not an easy process. There is a lot of other qualities involved in decision-making skills. Being mindful helps you synchronise all these qualities and make a thoughtful decision. Mindfulness helps you gain clarity of thoughts and thus improves the ability to make better decisions.

· Improves concentration and focus

Meditation is said to improve concentration and focus. Today with all types of distractions around, it is necessary to improve our concentration to avoid all the distractions. Mindfulness helps you deal with distractions by improving your focus.

· Helps you be happy and peaceful

Meditation and mindfulness help you sort out your thoughts and gives you a clear mind. This, in turn, helps us find inner peace and happiness. Which is very difficult to achieve these days. Therefore mindfulness is gaining popularity in today’s frantic world.

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