· Helps to overcome stress and anxiety

The silent retreat’s important part is meditation and meditation is well known to reduce stress and anxiety. When you are away from your work, family, responsibilities, and daily routine, there is hardly any reason for you to get stressed. It’s a place where you truly understand the meaning of life and try living your life peacefully.

· Gain control of your emotions

At a place away from busy world, you can relax and calm your mind. When your mind is calm, you’ll experience fewer thoughts resulting in fewer emotions. There you can learn how to gain control of your emotions.

· Gain clarity

Silent retreat helps you spend time by yourself. When you spend time thinking calmly about your deeds and others deeds, you tend to get more clarity of life. Once your mind is calmed down you start seeing things with more clarity.

Getting clarity of life will impact you beautifully, you will understand yourself better as well as the people and world around you. You will have less confusion and a new perspective to see the world.

· Heal past wounds

All of us have something in the past that hurts us, consciously or subconsciously we have that pain in our mind. And it shows in our behaviour and actions.

Having time by yourself also helps you dig at your past and rethink about it. It teaches us that if we want peace of mind we must forgive those who hurt us. When we forgive it helps us to heal.

· Improve your relationships

As you heal your wounds, your behaviour changes. When you forgive someone, you have less hatred in you and you become more cheerful and happy. Also, a silent retreat helps us gain a new perspective to see the world and people around us. All these things make us a better human and helps us improve our relationships.

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