· Walk away from the arguments before it goes too far. If your argument gets more heated then your relationship might break beyond repair. Even if your friend says mean thing to you know that they are lashing out and don’t revert back. Just walk off when you find it’s getting wild.

· After walking away take time to calm down. Take deep breaths and calm yourself down. It is difficult to calm down when you are angry but being angry is not good for you so take time to ease yourself.

· No argument is one-sided there must be some of your faults too. Accept your fault, acknowledge what you said during an argument this will help you cool down your anger as you’ll realise even you have ridiculed your friend.

· When you are hurt you might want to gossip about your friend or talk about their secrets with someone else. Stop yourself from doing that because it will only make more damage to your relationship. Keep your feelings to yourself and avoid talking about them to someone else.

· When you realise your mistake, makeup with your friend as soon as possible. Holding on to resentment will only lead it to grow more. Give your friend time to cool down but after that, you take the initiative to patch up with your friend.

· However, don’t apologise just because you have to. Apologise when you are ready and wanting to say sorry from your heart. Apologies should be sincere enough to melt other person’s heart and regain your relationship.

· After apologising quietly take chances to both sides of the story. This will help clear the misunderstanding between both of you and there won’t be any guilt in your mind.

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