As kids, we always believed in the fantasies that were created in our minds by the cartoons we watched. Whether it be Pokemon, Dexter, Phineas and Ferb, Doraemon, etc were all fantastic tales of future gadgets and future life. One of the most fascinating gadgets of Doraemon was “The Anywhere Door”. “Anywhere Door” was a door that would take you anywhere you want to go from just a door. Anywhere door took you to any place, any planet of the whole universe. Just think of the place and the door opens to the desired place. The idea of “Anywhere door” is based on the theory of displacement.

Just imagine if The Anywhere Door could exist in reality? How cool it would be?

We could go wherever we wish to, either the moon or any place on the earth. No need for spending money on all the travelling, we can go anywhere without ticket booking and completely free of cost. We can go and come to any place within no time. Going to other planets would be so easy with anywhere door, exploring different places in the galaxies. The world would be more expanded with the invention of the anywhere door.

Meeting your dear ones who are far away from you could be as easy as opening a door.

Its invention would cause a great difference in the world, like going to the moon in just seconds.

Overall the whole concept of anywhere door was quiet hypothetical and interesting to know about, thanks to the cartoon Doraemon who created such an illusion in our minds to think out of the box.

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