Ever thought how it could be to fall in love your guy best friend?

Having a best friend in life is a gift. You can always lean on them, share all your things with. However, when it comes to friendship most people have the best friend of the opposite sex. Every girl has a guy best friend whom she can talk to and share her things with him. Guy’s best friend is one of the most necessary friends for a girl. So far, we have evolved so much in life yet somehow people are still suspicious when it comes to girls having a guy best friend. There is always a thought that maybe they have feelings for each other or have some physical attraction. But this isn’t the case, at all. Most of the girls are more comfortable with guy friends rather than girlfriends. Every girl who has a guy friend will relate to this. They are the most reliable and most trustworthy people they would ever have. They are your brother, your dad, and your best friend all at once. Every girl deserves to have a feeling of protection and to know that she will never have to worry about manipulative and other fake toxic men. Having a male friend has more advantages like he can the most reliable source when it comes to decoding other guys’ text messages, he will always be your plus-one and a partner in crime and there is less drama involved as it is with girls best friends.

But ever wondered what will happen if you started to fall in love with your guy’s best friend?

Well, there are many signs through which you can notice this happening. Here are a few signs to know if you are falling in love with your guy best friend.

  • You picture yourself with them

You always think about them with you, how you both will look as girlfriend boyfriend and how you’ll hold each other’s hands or how you’ll care for each other.

  • You get jealous when they talk to particular people

This is the most common sign. Once you start to fall in love with your best friend you’ll start getting jealous when he tries to talk to a new girl. You’ll always try to find out who she is and what she wants, etc.

  • The way you hug each other feels different

Whenever you’ll hug each other the touch will feel different and you’ll feel very calm and would want it more. You try to hug as tightly as you can, this is a solid sign of love.

  • You pay close attention to his actions

You start to pay close attention to his gestures and his expressions and you are totally falling for him. You try to love his care and you also pay him with care.

  • You care about them a lot more than anyone else

You start to care about them a lot. Your whole day is filled with him, you spend most of the time together whether your mood is on or off.

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