Tired, bored, stressed, depressed, are all the feelings that make us think about going on a vacation. Ironically, choosing a destination for vacation brings us an equal amount of stress. Every friend suggests a different location and makes the topic even more disputable. Here is the solution to this problem: –

  • Finland – Considered one of the most beautiful places, Finland charms every person that visits here. Every inch of this nation is covered with trees, hills or lakes. Activities like trekking, cruising, fishing, kayaking can be performed here. A place named Lapland is very famous in Finland due to a renowned phenomenon called polar nights.
  • Norway – This place is gifted with a wonderful view of natural beauty throughout the nation. Norway also has a long fjord coastline and mountains for skiing. The weather here is cold throughout the year, but visiting this place in spring or summer can grant you the view of blossoming trees.
  • Switzerland – Covered in snow and famous for its romantic alpine geography, Switzerland is another gorgeous place that offers serenity. Switzerland is famous for being chosen as a honeymoon destination by a majority of the couples.  It is also famous for its delicious chocolates and cheese.
  • Denmark – Another European makes the list given how attractive the place is. Consisting of long sandy shores Denmark attracts a lot of tourism throughout the year. The young crowd from neighbouring countries visit Denmark for its comparatively cheap offering of beer, wines and other spirits. The biggest craze about this place is the capital city of Copenhagen.  Major tourist attractions here include the Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid statue and The Free town Christiania.
  • Australia – A non-European nation that can be included in the list is continent of Australia. Surrounded by a countless number of tiny islands, Australia is a perfect place to visit and be jolly again. The weather system here is opposite to what the northern nations have, Australia is the best to place to visit when we wish to skip our boring weather and have a gala time in the spring or autumn of Australia.

France, Italy, Iceland, Canada are some of the other beautiful places to visit. Any new place other than our home gives us joy and delightful experience and get rid of the stress and worry. Take a break, visit these places and add rejoice to your life.