Due to the Coronavirus pandemic gym was closed down completely. But now the gyms are opened or will be opened considering the measures. It’s a very tricky situation. You need to go to the gym if you are a fitness freak but also you need to take the utmost care to avoid any kind of contamination or infection due to coronavirus. Many people will be around and would be touching the same weights and machines as you will so utmost care needs to be taken.

Following are the 4 things that need to be done while hitting the gym during the presence of coronavirus pandemic-

  • Follow the allotted time 

you must arrive and leave on your allotted time. This will you others to keep themselves away from the crowd. If you arrive after your stipulated time there are chances of the crowd and it is not acceptable.

  • Carry hand sanitizers and gloves

Carry your sanitizer while hitting the gym. In the gym touch equipment which was used by others before you. After using the equipment don’t put your fingers inside your nostril, eyeballs, mouth, and use your sanitizer to sanitize your hands. If possible bring your personal gloves in the gym.

  • Follow social distancing norms

 Another important thing is that social distancing needs to be taken care of. Practically in the gym to follow social distancing is very difficult but as health is above all you should ensure social distancing. Due to social distancing, you may not be able to do exercise as effectively as you use to but can’t help and you have to follow this.

 You should not show up if you feel unwell. If you have problems with health like fever, body ache, coughing, etc. you should avoid showing up to the gym. If you having a health issue it is a bad situation as it may create a problem for you as well as others.

  • Avoid masks, while working out

While working out avoid face mask. It has been told that we should use a face mask while you are away from your home, but it is not advisable to wear a face mask while you are working out to avoid respiratory problems.

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