· Watching television can help improve general knowledge. Choose wisely what you watch on TV Channels like, national geography, discovery, as well as a trusted news channel, can help improve your general knowledge. News channels keep you updated about all the things happening around the world.

· Read the newspaper, newspapers are better than news channels as they don’t waste time writing useless news. Reading newspaper daily, that should include economic times also as it will help in improving your financial knowledge.

· Read magazines, not the ones that only talk about films and fashion. Read magazines, that talk about current affairs, that talk about issues the world is facing, etc.

· Read books, books like an encyclopedia, general knowledge and books in common help improve your knowledge. Reading always will add some knowledge to your brain. So never go a day without reading be it a book or magazine or newspaper.

· Visit general knowledge websites, read the information provided over there. It’s a great way to know what exactly you should read to enhance your general knowledge.

· Watch educational YouTube videos, you will find many YouTube videos that provide some kind of knowledge. Like that of spreading awareness, talking about history, current affairs, etc.

· GK apps are another way to expand your knowledge. Such apps can be found on play store and these apps will ask you questions and provide your answer. These questions and answer game will also help you know what you knew and what you should know.

· Attend to participate in a quiz contest, as it will help you know about questions you must read more about and attending one will also give you answers on the spot. It is a great way of entertainment along with getting educated.

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