· Read as much as you could

Reading is very important to be a good writer. Read more and more books, newspapers, magazines etc. To get better ideas and thoughts while writing. Reading also improves your language and vocabulary. You also find out what is already there in the market and what needs to be added. So reading is the foremost important thing to do to be a better writer.

· Practice writing daily

Even if it’s a small paragraph keep writing daily. Practicing writing can help you connect your mind with your hand to work in sync. Allot a certain time in a day to write.

· Keep notebook handy

You should always keep a notebook handy to pen down your thoughts that come to your mind while you are doing dishes or bathing or taking a walk. It’s important to write down these thoughts because you might forget them later.

· Stay away from distractions

While you are writing keep distractions at bay. Distractions can break your thought link and it might become unable to write. Sit in a quiet place while writing away from noisy areas. You might also choose a place which inspires you to write.

· Observe everything closely

A good writer must be a keen observer. Only when you observe things around you, you will be able to write about them. Sometimes many answers and ideas lie in the environment around you. Just need some observation from your side to notice them.

· Start and close strong

A good book or an article must start and end strong. Start with a powerful statement or a paragraph and end with a thought that compels people to think.

· Read what you write regularly

Read what you write regularly this will help you understand if you sound promising, interesting or boring. When you read your own articles you will notice mistakes you might have done and can rectify them. So read what you write.