· Be social

Passing time becomes difficult if you have no work and still have to sit in the office, especially in 9-5 jobs. One way you can pass your time is to be social, which means talk with your colleagues and discuss about something outside work provided they are free too. Otherwise talk to your friends outside the office. Getting social will let time pass faster.

· Take a break

Don’t work for 3-4 hours straight, take breaks in between. You can have tea or coffee during these breaks or eat some snacks. Taking breaks in between will not stress you out and keep you efficient while working and also help you speed up the day.

· Set goals

Every morning decide your to-do list for the day. Which would include your office as well as personal work? Setting goals will give you the correct direction and help you know how to rightfully make use of the time. If you have enough time after your work is done, you can do your personal work from your office if possible.

· Listen to music

Music is soothing and calming but music also speeds up your time. It keeps you busy and helps you stay away from boredom. So whenever you feel tired and bored or even stressed. Connect your earphones and turn on the music.

· Plan your evening or weekend

You can also use your free time to plan your evening or the weekend. Making plans is fun and also helps us spend time when we have nothing to do. Buy tickets for the movies on weekend, plan with your friend’s group for a day out etc.

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