It’s not just about burning calories; it is about how much we burn per hour. Our body burns calories just by merely breathing. But that is not enough. It is mandatory to burn more calories than we consume. Taking part in a sport is a fun way to be fit. But it would just become easier if we knew which sport burns maximum calories. Let’s check some of the sports that help us burn an adequate number of calories: –

  • Swimming – We all enjoy swimming, especially when we have a way to throw in some dives. But all that time, what we didn’t realise was how much calories were we burning all the while. An average human kills off as much as around 600-800 calories per hour.
  • Running – Most people hate moving their legs vigorously. Running every day not only reduces calories but also keeps us fit and fine in many ways. About 600-700 calories per hour are burnt by running. Not the easiest way, but efficient enough.
  • Soccer – Now this game is based on running too. The only difference between normal running and running in a soccer game is FUN!! Eagerly trying to score a goal we don’t even realise how much calories we have burnt. In a game of 90mins, an average player burns around 800-900 calories.
  • Net games – Sports that involve passing the ball or shuttlecock to the other side consists of a lot of athletic jumping and running. Badminton helps burn about 400-500 calories an hour. Lawn tennis is a good sport to burn around 600-700 calories. Volleyball involves a lot of jumping and helps burn about 500 calories.

Choosing a favourite sport to get fit is a preferable choice.  Whichever game you choose to play, one thing should concern the most. That is burning more calories than we daily intake. Select one of the above sports and you will surely start feeling energetic and refreshing.