Ethics and principles are something that decides what kind of person are you. Your ethics are the morals that help you be a good human being. How well you’ll lead your life is decided by the ethics you follow. An ethical person is always appreciated by people around and thus always stand by your ethics. Here are six important ethics you must follow in life to be a better person.

1. Before you speak – Listen

Being a better listener is always appreciated. There are many people who often keep on speaking but never listen, sometimes listening is very important and especially if you never want to use wrong words or misunderstand anyone you must always listen first and then speak. Half knowledge is dangerous so it becomes crucial to listen first, enhance your knowledge and then speak.

2. Before you give up – Try

Many times we misjudge ourselves and think of a task as impossible and don’t even try it. Giving up even before trying is not a good ethic to follow. One must keep trying until he succeeds, you’ll fail many times but keep trying, don’t give up until you reach there. Always follow this ethic in your life so that you’ll always give it a shot before giving up and might end up being successful.

3. Before you spend – Earn

People these days use credit cards, which enables you to spend money on credit. Though you might enjoy spending money even before earning it, what you tend to ignore is that this situation creates a loop wherein if you are stuck it’s hard to get out. Always keep it a habit of spending money only when you have earned it. Don’t opt for a credit card, instead opt for a debit card, so that you don’t fall in this trap.

4. Before you write – Think

Writing is similar to talking to someone. Whether you are chatting on the phone or writing a book or talking to someone, it’s important that you think before you express. Many times we say or write things that can be misleading or can be misunderstood. Thinking before expressing makes sure that you don’t say anything stupid or controversial. Thinking helps you understand whether what you are going to express is right or wrong.

5. Before you rest – Work

There’s no point in resting without having some anything. In fact, you can sleep better when you have worked harder. To survive everyone works but some people are dependant on other people and thus they keep on resting without doing any sort of work, this is not a good ethic and it makes you lazy, dependent and careless. Work hard in the day and rest in the night should be your routine

6. Before you die – Live

One of the important things to do before you die is to live. Live a wonderful life you always wanted, do what you love, have fun, travel places, be kind to people, stay healthy because you only live once and therefore, it’s important to make your journey on this planet a memorable one.

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