Why should you love yourself?

We are often taking care of people around ourselves but never take care of ourselves. We don’t often spend time with people who lift us up. We give up on our passions. In short, we fail to love ourselves or do what we love. Loving yourself is very important because once you accept yourself, do what you love, life becomes easier and people start accepting you and love you. No one will love you unless you love yourself.

How does it affect your overall life?

When you start loving yourself, you make choices and take decisions that are better for you. This will improve your quality of life, you will realize that your happiness, your physical and mental health all become better once you practice self-love and your health and well being is very important to be successful. Practicing self-love isn’t going to eliminate the painful situation but it will surely help you grow through it. It helps you to allow yourself to feel, grieve, cry yet stay strong for yourself and move ahead in a positive way.

How to practice self-love?

· Start each day with a positive note to self.

· Eat healthy and nutritious food.

· Surround yourself with people who love and lift you.

· Love yourself in the skin you are and accept yourself as beautiful.

· Don’t compare yourself with anyone else, no one is you.

· Celebrate all your wins.

· Follow your passion, do what makes you happy.

· Wear the dress you love and you are comfortable in.

· Take care of your skin, pamper yourself.

· Go on an adventure trip

Many such things you can follow to practice self-love.