How long it’s been that you haven’t had fun with your partner? We do spend time with our partner but we don’t really have fun with them, it’s often romance or fight or household responsibilities. Spending quality time also means you must have a fun time with your partner and nothing better than playing games. These fun games are romantic as well as fun to play, you’ll definitely enjoy them.

· The picture game

Take a small cubical box and paste pictures on all sides. You can choose what the pictures can be but the naughtier, the better. Take turns to throw the box like a dice. Your boo has to do what the image displays. When he throws it, you need to do what the picture displays. You can use pictures that show a kiss, cuddling, biting an ear, etc.

· Truth or dare

Not necessarily you have to play this game with a group of friends, you can also play it with your bar and turn the game into a romantic one. You can ask funny or personal questions if they choose ‘Truth,’ and turn the heat up if they select Dare by asking something romantic or steamy thing to do.

· Yes, No, Maybe

An explorative game for a couple where they play the roles of giver and the receiver. The giver prepares an intricate set of actions to do and asks for permission from the receiver to do each action. If the receiver says yes, the giver carries out the action once. If the receiver says no, then the giver cannot do the action. If the receiver says Maybe, the giver has to convince the receiver to allow them to follow through the action. If the receiver gives into the persuasion, the giver is allowed to do the action. The game is a perfect tease and one of the best couple games to tune up your chemistry.

· The deal, no deal

Put a fat envelope of cash along with a romantic wish of yours in front of your partner and let them choose. You can turn this simple game into a whole another level by a small twist.

· Tic, tac, toe

Take paper sheets, make cards from them and then write some intimate actions on them. Take another paper, draw boxes and then write a few activities such as a kiss, etc. When both of you choose your spot while playing tic tac toe you both have to complete the action and then move on to your next turn. Whoever wins a round can ask their partner to do anything!

· Drinking Roulette

In the game, one of you will ask a question, and the other one will have to answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ If the answer is a ‘yes,’ the person who is being asked the question will have to take a sip of a drink. If the answer is a ‘no,’ no one has to take a sip. It doesn’t matter what drink you prefer alcohol or no alcohol the motive is to have fun.

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