· Avoid multitasking

Multitasking will reduce your productivity and will lead to many mistakes and eventually a mess. Instead, try doing one task at a time and invest all the energy and brain in doing that particular task, it will not only help you finish the task quickly but also bring the best out of you.

· Set goals with deadlines

To be productive and make proper use of time and energy, you must set goals with deadlines. Setting goals will help you find the direction or path of your journey towards your goals and deadlines will make sure you don’t procrastinate and complete your job on time with full dedication and commitment.

· Take a small break when exhausted

If you work continuously for a long period of time it will definitely affect your productivity. You must, therefore, take breaks with 2-3 hours of working. Take a small break, free your legs freshen up, eat something or drink coffee and then get back to work. You can also talk to your colleague about something not related to work.

· Avoid distraction

To be more productive you must avoid distraction, distraction can be of any form, it can be a movie on your phone or a social media app or your colleagues. Set a specific time to spend with these distractions and avoid including them in your work time.

· Have the right tools and equipment

Productivity is also affected by not having enough tools and equipment. Ask your employer to provide you withthe right tools to enhance your productivity. For instance, if you find it difficult to work with laptop’s touchpad then ask your employer to provide you with a mouse. If the laptop has less RAM which affects your productivity ask for the change in laptop.

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