· Research about the industry

Before you go for the interview, you must do detailed research about the industry the company works in and also about the company’s history, it’s business etc. You are likely to be asked questions related to the company or its industry. You must also be prepared to answer questions related to your job description. So go well prepared, use the internet to find more and more information.

· Decide your selling points

There’s a common saying while giving an interview make sure you are a good salesman selling your talent and degree to the interviewers. You should do good Marketing yourself. You must tell all the good things about you on your own and highlight your key skills. Every job requires a certain skill set. Acknowledge the requirements and sell what skills you have among them. Those skills are your selling point. For everything there is a unique selling point, recognise yours and promote it.

· Understand your weak points

You won’t be good at everything, recognise your weak points while preparing and decide on an answer you should give when asked about these weak points. Your answer should be convincing enough to make the interviewers believe in you. Have a good reason for your weakness and be ready to improve them.

· Prepare for common interview questions

There are some common interview questions which are asked in almost all interviews. Learn about such questions and prepare a quality answer for those questions. Make sure, to be honest, while you answer the questions.

· Prepare for the questions you should ask

It’s ideal to ask a question to your interviewer about the job description in detail, about work culture and other work-related details. Prepare for such ideal questions. Asking questions makes you sound more interested in the job and you are likely to be selected.

· Practice

After preparing all the questions and planning your interview. You must practice it. Though your interview questions are going to be unexpected, practice will make sure you are confident and don’t forget anything you have to say.

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