· Discuss with your partner

Always discuss with your partner about yours and their needs in bed. If you have a boring sex life talk with each other, how can you spice things up? Learn from internet articles (but not porn). Discussing your needs and fantasies will help both of you to improve where you are lacking. You’ll also understand what exactly it takes to make your partner happy. This will surely help you do better.

· Watch an erotic movie together

Watch an erotic movie together again not porn. Erotic movies are the best turn on. There’s no harm in watching a sexy movie together while you are in a chill mood. Watching erotic movies together will help you have a kick start to your session by getting you in a perfect mood.

· Have a good make-out session

Make sureto begin withforeplay. Foreplay is considered to be an important part of sex because it turns you on and creates lubrication in women which make it easier to have sex. If the vagina is not lubricated, it can be extremely painful sex. Foreplay also helps you show love to your partner and the whole session becomes about love and not lust.

· Have realistic expectations

Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Watching porn can lead you to have unrealistic expectations like having sex for 1 hour. For a man to last that long is not possible at all. On average a man lasts for about 5 min in penetrative sex. Also understand a typical intimate session is much different than that from the porn or romantic novels and movies. So keep your expectations real.

· Exercise and relax

Exercise, specially Kegel exercise should be done to improve your performance in bed. Your performance is also affected by the stress level you are going through. So it is important to keep your work stress at work to have a healthy sex life.

· Talk about your experience with your partner afterwards

After the completion of your intimate session, talk about your experience with your partner. Ask them what they liked or didn’t like. What was the best part? Etc.Talking about your experience helps you understand the good and the bad parts and improve for the next time.

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