Now as we are locked inside our home and all public places shut down, we hardly can go anywhere not even on a date. It’s likely that you and your partner are bored staying at home and are secretly wishing for a date night. Here’s how you can enjoy a date night at home itself.

· Cook dinner together

Cook some fancy dinner with your partner. Enjoy your time in the kitchen. You can also challenge each other to cook each other’s favourite dish for dinner. This will add some fun to your cooking time.

· Decorate your cosy corner

Decorate that cosy corner in your house, where you can enjoy your date with your partner. Use fairy lights, cushions, indoor plants or even candles to make it more romantic. Place everything as it would be at a restaurant or a place you loved to visit.

· Dress up

If you don’t dress up you won’t feel it as a date. So get ready where your partners favourite clothes of yours. Get your hair done and be ready for the perfect date.

· Make drinks

Make drinks for you and your partner. If you don’t consume alcohol you can make mocktails. Drinks will bring a more realistic effect to your date.

· Enjoy your time together

Enjoy your date as you would on an actual date. Flirt with each other, talk about random funny stuff. After dinner, you can choose to watch a movie, play board games or have your time in bed. Make it a fun night and do whatever you love