· Steals glances at you

This is the most obvious sign of knowing that someone likes you. If you caught your crush staring at you many times then it’s not by chance.

· Appreciates even your little things

If someone appreciates you for absolutely silly reasons, you must take the hint.

· Talks with you for long hours

If your crush talks with you more long hours and messages you every day, guess what? Maybe he likes you too.

· Shares secrets with you

If you are not BFF and still your crush is trying to share secrets with you and would talk on all the personal issues. Mark that as a sure sign.

· Extra conscious and smiling when you are around

When you find your crush smiling and conscious with his or her moves, it’s a sign. If they are taking efforts so you to notice them, they probably like you.

· Find ways to be with you

If you find your crush finding excuses to be able to be around you, your crush definitely likes you.

· Changes mood or expression when you spend time with someone else.

When your crush find out that you spent some time with the opposite gender, if his or her facial expressions or mood changes, it might be because they are jealous.

Even if you see all of these signs or some of them, don’t assume things unless your crush states that he/she likes you. Or else it might be quite embarrassing and disappointing for both of you.

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