· Help prevent injuries

Developing a strong torso means developing for strength and stability. When you work on your core, the other activities become easier and help to prevent injuries. A strong core will ensure your other activities are pain-free.

· Protect your inner organs

Staying healthy doesn’t just mean the outer appearance, it also means keeping the inter organs strong. The main organs are protected by your core, so if your core is strong the other organs are protected.

· Get a strong posture

It is important to have a strong core because it helps you keep your body align and in an upright position. When your posture is strong you can sit and stand for long hours. It also emits your confidence.

· Eliminates back pain

A body with a strong posture and alignment is less prone to back pain. Your core supports your neck and the spinal cord. Having a strong core keeps your spinal cord intact reducing back pain. Otherwise, your back has to take control of your balancing your body, increasing back pain.

· Improves balance

Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work jointly. This develops stability and balance of your body, improving your running, walking and sitting.

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