We all need a relationship where we are understood, cared, and loved. Relationships are not always a bed of roses. There are always ups and downs in a relationship but it’s up to the couple to make it work. You just need to take some efforts for your love. Few things you could do to keep love flowing.

· Give your partner priority

‘I don’t have enough time’ is more dangerous than anything in a relationship. If you want your relationship to work forever, give the first priority to your partner. You both should be each other’s priority. If your job is demanding and doesn’t let you spend time with your partner, you must think of changing the job.

· Spend time with each other

You must spend more time with your partner. Go out for a dinner or a movie date or just sit at home and watch your favourite series. Spending time will help you understand each other better and being with someone who loves you will make you happy.

· Make your partner laugh

Know how to make your partner laugh. Making someone laugh will only make then fall more in love with you. Besides, it’s pleasure seeing your partner laugh and you are the reason behind it.

· Apologize when needed

If you fought or made a mistake or said something you shouldn’t have, say sorry. Sincerely apologizing to your partner when you are mistaken. It helps your relationship stay strong and alive.

· Intimacy

Don’t lose the physical touch. Holding hands, kissing, or sex. All are equally important in a relationship. Physical intimacy besides being the need also increases the love between two people. It is a way to express love.

· Surprise your partner

Everyone loves surprises, even your partner does. Surprises don’t need to be expensive but should express your love. Take efforts to plan a surprise for your partner.

· Don’t fail to understand your partner

Understanding each other’s feelings and needs is very vital in a relationship. If you fail to understand your partner you are going to fail in a relationship. So never forget to understand your partner

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