· Worry only when needed

Many people have the habit of overthinking and worrying about not so worthy reasons. To simplify your life, first, you must stop worrying about complications in other’s life. Everything that is complicated with your life falls into place with time and worrying will not help it in any way so, stop overthinking and stop worrying for useless reasons.

· Have fewer options

Having fewer options means reducing the stress of choosing. When it comes to choosing between hundreds of option, it automatically becomes hectic. So wherever possible have only a few options. Take a look at your wishlist and eliminate all the not so important choices because a long wishlist can be overwhelming and it’s important to understand you cannot have everything you wish.

· Stop procrastinating

For simplifying life, a very important thing to do is to stop procrastinating. Procrastination means delaying of work. When you push your work to the next day, you increase your work for the next day. So stop procrastinating, do today’s work today itself. You’ll have fewer things to worry about.

· Avoid overcomplicating things

Don’t overcomplicate things, see things as they are don’t add your own points to it. Many people have this annoying habit of overcomplicating simple things. Life is pretty simple but people complicate it. Nothing is ever going to be perfect so stop striving for perfection, give your best and move on.

· Be adaptable

Being adaptable is very important to survive. As Darwin’s theory said ‘ survival of the fittest’. Only when you are adaptable to changes happening around you, you’ll be able to make it. There are going to be changes in the environment, people around you, the government and many aspects of life but instead of complaining you must learn to adapt and stay happy.

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